Leather Cleaning in Chula Vista

Leather furniture is a valuable addition to any room, but unlike fabric upholstery, it requires special attention in order to maintain its beauty. Unfortunately, store-bought cleansers often make leather look better, but their cleaning power is only temporary at best. To make things worse, they commonly cause damage further down the road.

Household cleansers often contain lubricants that do provide surface protection, but don’t allow the leather to breathe eventually causing cracks and wear. With AtoZ Optimum we can help clean and condition your leather furniture while protecting it from the everyday wear and tear. We take extra special care with your valuable furniture to insure it lasts a lifetime!

Our Leather Cleaning Process

Our leather cleaning process starts by cleaning your furniture and removing any soiling or staining. The leather is then moisturized, renewing the look and feel of the leather to a “like new” condition. Finally, we apply a premium leather protectant to make sure your leather is protected for as long as possible.

Most leather experts recommend cleaning your furniture 1-2 times a year. At AtoZ Optimum, we know your time is important, so we strive to ensure a long-lasting leather cleaning and protection service of the best quality. While working around your schedule to make sure it is of the least inconvenience to you.

Contact us today for a free estimate as well as some helpful maintenance tips & tricks. Phone: (619) 674-4359 | Email: info@azoptimum.com

Tips & Tricks

General Cleaning of Your Leather Furniture: For normal wear and tear, leather should be cleaned & conditioned every 6-12 months.

Spills and Spots: Wipe or blot excess liquid immediately with an absorbent cloth or sponge and let air dry for a short time. Do not use soap or large amounts of water as this may cause more damage than good in the long run.

Scratches: Scratches are not usually a big deal when dealing with leather. Gently rub the scratch with your fingertips until the scratch is gone. Use a damp cloth with distilled water if further cleaning is necessary.

Leather furniture can last a lifetime with proper care and cleaning. Remember to never use soap, furniture polish, household cleaning solvents, ammonia or any oils or to clean your leather furniture.


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